ER05DP - Crystal Double Tip Dotting Tool (Colorful)

1. ER05DP01 - Dotting Tool

- Diameter 0.6/1.3mm / Length 15/15mm

2. ER05DP02 - Dotting Tool

- Diameter 1.0/2.0mm / Length 15/15mm

3. ER05DP03 - Dotting Tool

- Diameter 1.6/2.3mm / Length 15/15mm

4. ER05DP04 - Dotting Tool

- Diameter 2.6/3.3mm / Length 15/15mm

5. ER05DP05 - Dotting Tool

- Diameter 3.0/3.6mm / Length 15/15mm

Easy use professional 2 way nail dotting tool, one end features a larger sphere and the other end a smaller more precise sphere.

The handle is acetone resistant ensuring durability, and the patterns are customizable, allowing unique and personalized designs.

Creating beautiful nail art and eye-catching dots, swirls and marble effects. Can be used with gel, gel polish, or regular polish

*All spec can be customized, please contact sales executive for more information.*

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