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ER07RG - Nail Brush with Taper Aluminum Handle & Cap
(Bright Gold)

1. ER07RG001 - Synthetic Nail Art Brush (Round)

- Diameter 0.5mm / Hair Length 7mm

2. ER07RG03M- Synthetic Gel Brush (Flat)

- Diameter 3.5mm / Hair Length 9mm

3. ER07RG04M –Kolinsky 3D Sculpture (Oval Sharp)

- Diameter 3.5 mm / Hair Length 10mm

4. ER07RG05L - Synthetic Gel Brush (Oval)

- Diameter 3.9mm / Hair Length 11.5mm

5. ER07RG08 - Kolinsky Acrylic Brush (Oval Sharp)

- Diameter 5.0mm / Hair Length 20mm

Crafted with precision, the handle boasts exquisite detailing featuring metal short handle and laser-engraved patterns.

The handle is acetone resistant ensuring durability, and the patterns are customizable, allowing unique and personalized designs.

Elevate your nail brushes to the next level, with various selections from Premium Kolinsky hair for acrylic brushes or the finest synthetic hair for gel and nail art brushes.

All spec can be customized, please contact sales executive for more information.

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