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ER2MD – Dental Brush with Mix Sable Wooden Handle (Brown Gold)

Sizes 6 to 10: Precision porcelain layering brushes for picking up and layering porcelain powder.
Size 1 (Glaze): Ideal for creating a smooth, glossy finish on porcelain teeth.
Size 0 (Stain): Tailored for intricate color application for desired tooth appearance.
Opaque Sizes 1 and 0: Ensure optimal coverage in all porcelain tooth production steps.

Crafted with Mix Kolinsky Sable-hair and complemented by our wooden handles, our product ensures an ergonomic grip, improving precision during dental procedures. With a variety of sizes, our toolkit caters to the diverse needs encountered at every stage of dental work.

All spec can be customized, please contact sales executive for more information.

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